Using Compressor for Export to DVD Studio Pro

After you have fully edited your film/video in HD format (1080i, 720p, etc..) and you are ready to publish:

1. In Final Cut Pro, with your project file and sequence open go to File > Export > Using Compressor


Once Compressor has started up, you will see the following interface:

Your sequence will appear in the upper left corner as a FCP icon. It is now referred to as a “job.” Before proceeding, it is helpful to understand some of the terminology in Compressor.

Job – is a clip that has one or more encoding tasks assigned to it – and is displayed in a highlighted rectangle in the interface.

Batch – is any number of jobs that will all be encoded in the same compression session – so, for instance, you can set up your batch and let it run multiple jobs overnight.

Target – is an encoding task specifically referring to the compression settings and destination you want the new compressed file to be saved to.

Inspector – When you select an object in the interface, various properties and settings about that object appear in the inspector.

Preview – Where you can view how your video looks before compression (left of divider) and after (right of divider)

Settings and Destinations – Where to select encoding settings.
Now that you have your video in Compressor, you want to select a compression setting, and where you want the encoded files to be saved (the target)

Click on the settings tab, and under Apple > DVD select DVD: Best Quality XX minutes where XX is equal to or greater than the length of your final project – in most cases you will choose DVD: Best Quality 90 minutes.

Note that when you select the MGEG setting in this folder, you will see in the inspector, under the format tab “stream usage” indicates the file will be exported in SD format.

Click on and drag the DVD: Best Quality 90 minutes folder up into the middle of the job rectangle as shown below. Two separate encoding tasks (targets) will appear next to the clip icon in the job rectangle. One task is for encoding audio (.ac3), the other for encoding video (.m2v)

Now that you have your compression settings set, you need to set your destination. Select the target(s) you want to set. Then in the top menu go to Target > Destination > Other. You will be given a finder window to locate where you want to save the encoded files.

Once you’ve set your your destination you can click on the bottom right “Submit” button. This is a submission of your batch. A dialog will appear asking if you want to run the compression on your machine, or a cluster. Stay with “this machine” and leave the other settings as they are. Click “Submit”

In the bottom right History section a toggle named “Today” will appear. Click the disclosure triangle to view a progress animation for your batch.


Congratulations!! Once the encoded files (.m2v and .aiff or .ac3) files have been created, these files can be imported into a track in DVD Studio Pro. (see the tutorial)