Export Using Quicktime Conversion

Export Using Quicktime Conversion for Distribution of a .mov

When you are ready to export a .mov out of your Final Cut Pro sequence, go to “File > Export > Using QuickTime Conversion”

In the “Save” dialog, pick a location for the new file, make sure “Format” is set on “QuickTime Movie” and then click on the “Options” button

In the “Movie Settings” dialog, click on “Settings”

In the “Standard Video Compression Settings” dialog, set “Compression Type: H.264” You can also adjust Compressor Quality higher or lower depending on how large of a file you want (higher quality = larger file). Click “OK”

In the “Movie Settings” dialog, click on “Size”

In the Export Size Settings, click on the “Dimensions” dropdown menu and select the native size of your project. Standard definition digital video is NTSC 720×480 4:3 (widescreen or anamorphic is 16:9). Click “OK”

In the Movie Settings dialog, check that “Sound” is selected, and that the sample rate, size and channels are all set – you can go in and modify these clicking on the “Settings” button below “Sound”

At the bottom of the Movie Settings dialog, you can check or uncheck for Fast Start on Internet streaming (if posting to the web)

Now click OK. Congratulations!! Once QuickTime has finished export, you will have a self-contained QuickTime .mov ready for distribution.