DVD Studio Pro FAQ

What makes more sense, a normal menu or a layered menu?

There are two menu types in DVD Studio Pro, a Menu, and a Layered Menu. When you add a menu to a DVD Studio Pro project, you have the option of choosing. The difference is in how the menu buttons, motion, and imagery works.

Menu: Allows you to have video as a background, moving images and video as buttons and drop zones. However, the buttons must be simple, usually one color each for normal, selected, and activated. You may choose this color, but each of these will be only one color.

Layered Menu: Takes Photoshop PSD or TIFF files with multiple layers and allows you to specify what layer corresponds to the various states (normal, selected, activated) of a button. However, you cannot have motion video as backgrounds, buttons or drop-zones.

For more information on these options, see the documentation provided online with DVD Studio Pro.