Using iDVD 08

Once you have done an export a high quality QuickTime .mov for iDVD:
Open iDVD and click on “New Project”

Give your iDVD project a name, and save to your external hard drive. A standard definition DV .mov will be 4:3 aspect ratio

You will now see the main iDVD interface. The right triangle is to preview how the DVD will look. Right now click on the “i” for menu settings.

In the “Menu Info” dialog, you can drag the sliders to remove the looping menu, and to remove any menu music

You can change the menu by selecting a different theme from the right thumbnail column. You will be asked if you wish to keep or change your current aspect ratio – click on Keep.

To insert an image in the menu dropzone(s), (1) click on “Media” in the bottom right, then go to the top right and (2) click “Photos” at the top right – you will then be able to select any photo out of iPhoto and (3) drag it into the dropzone. If your photo isn’t in iPhoto, jump over and import it and it will then be a selection option. You could also insert a movie from your Movies folder by selecting “Movies” instead of “Photos”

To make an actual button to your video, click on Movies in the top right, select the “Movies” folder in the right column and click- drag your video thumbnail onto the menu as shown below:

The button will have the same name as the file, but you can select and rename all the text elements in iMovie by clicking on them.

Now click on the bottom right triangle to preview

You will see a controller which you can click on and use just like a DVD remote control. Test your buttons and see if your clip plays as it should. Click on Menu to go back to the menu.

Before actually burning your DVD you’ll want to check your project info to make sure the DVD will fit on a standard DVD disc (capacity 4.2 GB) Go to Project > Project info

In the Project Info dialog you will see if you are reaching capacity. If the project is too large, you may get a warning – just go into project info and set encoding down to “High Quality” which provides more compression for larger files

Now you are ready to burn. Go to File > Burn DVD

You may be prompted if there is a warning in a project. Click on DVD map

In the map, rollover any yellow alerts – here the project has some empty drop zone, but those won’t impact the final burn. When done reviewing, click the bottom right “Return” button.

You will now be prompted to insert a recordable disc (DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+-RW). Be sure you have a recordable DVD, not a CD! After insertion you will see a progress animation – and once the burn is complete you will get a “success” message. You will also be prompted to insert another DVD if you want to record more than one.

It’s a good strategy to test the DVD in a player, computer etc before assuming it works. Once in a great while a burn won’t work correctly.

Congratulations! Your work is now published.