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Tascam DR-100 Handheld/XLR Audio Recorder

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The Tascam DR100 is a small, (3.1” x 6” x 1.4”) lightweight (10.2oz) Digital Audio Recorder with four built-in microphones (2 omnidirectional and 2 cardioid) The DR-100 also has connections for two XLR inputs and a 1/8” (3.5mm) mini input giving you the options you are likely to need in the field. The DR100 can provide phantom power to a condenser microphone and records both wav. and Mp3 files onto SD cards. It can record mp3 or wav files at 16 and 24 bit rates. The USB port will allow you to export your audio files directly to a computer. Many of the controls are on the outside of the recorder which means you don’t have to delve into menus as often to change your settings. The DR100 is mountable on a tripod or stand.

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Access, Instruction, and Support

The Tascam DR-100 Handheld/XLR Audio Recorder is provided for F&DM production students upon enrollment in one of the F&DM Department's production courses.

Access to the Tascam DR-100 Handheld/XLR Audio Recorder, like all of the department's A/V production equipment, is mediated through the Equipment Checkout Lab in accordance with course allocation assignments, and granted on an individual basis upon meeting specific criteria.

Any and all problems experienced with the Tascam DR-100 Handheld/XLR Audio Recorder should be reported to the Equipment Checkout Lab Specialist immediately; do not wait until returning the equipment to notify the Lab Specialist or Lab staff (See: Statement of Policies).