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Sennheiser K6 ME-64 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

The ME-64 is a cardiod microphone capsule designed for use with the K6 and K6P powering modules. With this system, the components dedicated to picking-up sound and to powering the signal are separate and independent of one another, allowing different capsules to be used with the same K6 module. However, within the F&DM Department and Checkout Lab the ME-64 capsule and K6 module are collectively referred to as one piece of equipment for the sake of simplicity.

The ME-64 has a very wide range of applications including reporting, interviews, dubbing, live sound reinforcement and recording applications.

Sennheiser ME-64 Cardiod Microphone with K6 Powering Module

Sennheiser ME-64 Cardiod Microphone with K6 Powering Module

Cardioid Microphone Kit

The F&DM Equipment Checkout Lab releases the Sennheiser ME-64 cardioid microphone in a microphone kit package.

This package includes:

  • Sennheiser ME-64 Carioid Microphone Capsule
  • Sennheiser K6 Power Supply
  • Audio-Technica 8415 Shockmount
  • Windscreen
  • AA NiMH Rechargeable Battery
  • Clear Vinyl Carrying Bag

Technical Specifications and Settings
The F&DM Checkout Lab asks production student to not remove the microphone’s K6 power module from the AT8415 Shockmount. All of the pistol grips, booms, and microphone stands available for use with the microphone kits have been standardized to the shockmount’s 5/8″ threading, making removal unnecessary.

The ME-64 Cardioid Microphone is considered a battery-powered microphone; therefore it powers its own signal, and should not be used in conjunction with Phantom-power systems. Engaging the Phantom-power option in conjunction with a battery-power microphone may have particularly harmful effects, such as permanent damage to the connector due to voltage overload. Users should take care to confirm that the proper settings correspond with the microphones they are using accordingly.

Access, Instruction, and Support

The K6 ME-64 cardioid microphone is considered a component of a parent Audio Kit, and will be permanently assigned to that kit as such. Not every Audio Kit comes supplied with this specific model of cardioid microphone, so if you would like to utilize this particular microphone, be sure to check the contents list of the available Audio Kits you would accordingly reserve.

Because of this pairing arrangement, the K6 ME-64 is not regularly available for separate loan.

Additional Resources:

Access, Instruction, and Support

The Sennheiser K6 ME-64 Cardioid Condenser Microphone is provided for F&DM production students upon enrollment in one of the F&DM Department's production courses.

Access to the Sennheiser K6 ME-64 Cardioid Condenser Microphone, like all of the department's A/V production equipment, is mediated through the Equipment Checkout Lab in accordance with course allocation assignments, and granted on an individual basis upon meeting specific criteria.

Any and all problems experienced with the Sennheiser K6 ME-64 Cardioid Condenser Microphone should be reported to the Equipment Checkout Lab Specialist immediately; do not wait until returning the equipment to notify the Lab Specialist or Lab staff (See: Statement of Policies).