Production Support

This section of SlugFilm offers workflow information on the different cameras used in Film and Digital Media Production Classes, as well as tutorials and information on how to use the software available on the computers in the department.

The "News" section provides updates and news for Post Production support.

If you have looked through the workflows and tutorials, but still need help with your project; please contact


Adobe Premiere Tutorials

August 4th, 2015

If you’re in need of software training for Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe now has a large collection of great tutorials ranging from beginning to intermediate and advanced. Please click on this link to view them:

Final Cut Pro X Tutorials Updated

September 30th, 2014

On stations #1 and #2 in the Comm 11 computer lab, and edit suites #203 and #204, we have updated our intro Final Cut Pro X video tutorials to the “Third Edition” from Ripple Training. This new edition goes further into depth on several topics, and also addresses new features and graphical changes which were introduced in versions 10.1.0 and 10.1.2 of the application.

You can read about the product further here:

The tutorials can be viewed by opening iTunes on these stations. The Stock materials are located in the Movies folder on the computer.

Transcoding 60D/T3i/5D/H.264 Workflow Available

April 20th, 2012

One of the most common questions our IT staff receive is how to properly convert Digital SLR and found footage into an editable format which Final Cut Pro 7, X, and Adobe Premier can understand. To address this issue we now have a comprehensive Compressor workflow detailed here: Transcoding 60D/T3i/5D/H.264