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Sony ECM-44B Omni-Directional Lavalier Electret-Condenser Microphone

The Sony ECM-44B is a miniature electret condenser lavalier microphone. The ECM-44B has an omni-directional polar pattern, intended for body-mounted voice pick-up. It is passively powered by AA battery. Output via mono balanced XLR connection.

Sony ECM-44B Lavaliere Microphone

Sony ECM-44B Lavaliere Microphone

Lavalier Microphone Kit

The F&DM Equipment Checkout Lab releases the Sony ECM-44B Lavalier Microphone in a microphone kit package.

This package includes:

  • Sony ECM-44B Electret Condenser Microphone
  • Lapel Clip
  • Windscreen
  • AA NiMH Rechargeable Battery

Technical Specifications and Settings

The microphone’s diaphragm is extremely sensitive, and will pick-up physical contact with clothes quite easily if not situated carefully. It will also pick-up the force of air, making the mic susceptible to wind noise as well.

The audio cable connecting the microphone to the power module/XLR connection is extremely delicate, and great care should be used to protect it from harm; wheeled chairs in particular.

The ECM-44B Lavaliere Mic is considered a battery-powered microphone; therefore it powers its own signal, and should not be used in conjunction with Phantom-power systems. Engaging the Phantom-power option in conjunction with a battery-power microphone may have particularly harmful effects, such as permanent damage to the connector due to voltage overload. Users should take care to confirm that the proper settings correspond with the microphones they are using accordingly.

Access, Instruction, and Support

The ECM-44B lavaliere microphone is generally available at all course levels, however they are limited in supply. Also, unlike the F&DM Department’s pool of basic cardioid and super-directional microphones, these ECM-44B microphones are not included with an Audio or Video Kit, and must be thereby reserved separately. Given the more limited supply and popularity of these microphones, it is recommended that they be reserved as soon as possible to ensure timely access accordingly.

Additional Resources:

Access, Instruction, and Support

The Sony ECM-44B Omni-Directional Lavalier Electret-Condenser Microphone is provided for F&DM production students upon enrollment in one of the F&DM Department's production courses.

Access to the Sony ECM-44B Omni-Directional Lavalier Electret-Condenser Microphone, like all of the department's A/V production equipment, is mediated through the Equipment Checkout Lab in accordance with course allocation assignments, and granted on an individual basis upon meeting specific criteria.

Any and all problems experienced with the Sony ECM-44B Omni-Directional Lavalier Electret-Condenser Microphone should be reported to the Equipment Checkout Lab Specialist immediately; do not wait until returning the equipment to notify the Lab Specialist or Lab staff (See: Statement of Policies).