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Matthews Clamp (for Matthews Pole Spanners)

The Matthews Clamp is a specialized lighting clamp designed for use in tandem with Matthews Poles (Spanners), thereby allowing lighting instruments to be safely secured to a Matthews Pole. The Matthews Clamp is the only clamp which should be used for mounting instruments onto the Matthews Pole. As such, access to the Matthews Clamp is contingent upon reserving a Matthews Pole — with a limit of one Clamp per Pole.

Once affixed to the Matthews Pole, the Matthews Clamp also allows for quick attach-and-release of lighting instruments, via the detachable 5/8″ Baby Peg adapter. Unlike most lighting clamps with a fixed peg, the Matthews Clamp’s Baby Peg can be detached from clamp mechanism itself, to allow quick mounting and removal of lighting instruments, without having to unlock the clamp altogether. Users should take care not to misplace the removable Baby Page.

However, please take note that great care should be taken to properly secure the removable Baby Peg back onto the Clamp. Failure to do so could result in the lighting instrument slipping out of the Clamp, and falling to the ground below — potentially causing serious injury to people and property.

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Access, Instruction, and Support

The Matthews Clamp (for Matthews Pole Spanners) is provided for F&DM production students upon enrollment in one of the F&DM Department's production courses.

Access to the Matthews Clamp (for Matthews Pole Spanners), like all of the department's A/V production equipment, is mediated through the Equipment Checkout Lab in accordance with course allocation assignments, and granted on an individual basis upon meeting specific criteria.

Any and all problems experienced with the Matthews Clamp (for Matthews Pole Spanners) should be reported to the Equipment Checkout Lab Specialist immediately; do not wait until returning the equipment to notify the Lab Specialist or Lab staff (See: Statement of Policies).