Links and Resources

Training Modules – Required certification for use of certain equipment and facilities.

Hard Drive Purchasing – Where and what to purchase regarding required external hard drives as a film student.

Hardware Manuals – Manuals for the production equipment.

Packing Instructions – Packing instructions for production equipment.

Software Links – Links to a variety of Freeware and Shareware that we find useful.

Editing Software Versions & Purchasing – Important information regarding Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro versions, compatibility, and where to purchase the software suite.

Fonts Installed On Video Editing Stations – A list of fonts installed and available for use in Adobe Premiere on our video editing stations.

Campus Computer Resources – Information about campus wide video editing computer stations (outside of the F&DM department) that production students should know about.

SFX Database – Get sound effects for your projects.

Additional Links – More resources to aid you.