Lowel Tota-Clamp

The Lowel Tota-Clamp is a device used for lighting-placement. It allows medium-weight lighting instruments, and some types of Lowel lighting-control accessories, to be mounted anywhere the clamps can find secure purchase (stands, pipes, shelves, etc.), in substitution for typical lighting stands. Production Students may add these clamps to their equipment loan in an on-demand basis, no reservation necessary, and no access restrictions based on course-level.

The Tota-Clamp has a 5/8″ Baby Peg stud for mounting lighting instruments, in accordance with the industry standard. This stud is also tapped to accept accessories that mount via a 1/4″-20 thread bolt. The Tota-Clamp also utilizes Lowel’s proprietary clip-insert interface to mount Tota-Flag and Tota-Flector lighting-control accessories via Lowel’s Flexi-Shaft hardware. The Tota-Clamp may also allow the Lowel Lobo-Bracket to be mounted onto its stud for more universalized lighting-control hardware placement.

Because the security of the instrument placement depends on the gripping ability of the clamp mechanism, using the Tota-Clamp to mount heavy instruments — such as Arri fresnel instruments — is strongly discouraged. Use of the Tota-Clamp should be limited to Lowel Omni, Pro and Tota instruments; and lightweight lighting-control accessories, such as umbrellas, gel-frames, and Tota-Flags.