Configuring Voiceover – Audacity Recording

Configuring Voiceover in Room 134A

Audacity Recording:
1) Open Audacity from the Dock, the icon will look like this:

2) The computer is already pre-configured to use the correct settings with Audacity, to being recording audio, simply click on the record button:

3) When you are finished recording click the stop button:

4) If there are parts of the recording you would like to delete, simply remove them by clicking and dragging over the area in the canvas to select, followed by pressing delete on the keyboard:

5) When you are finished recording this session, navigate to the File menu and click on “Export”. This will open up a new window as shown below. Make sure AIFF is your chosen export format because that format works well in all versions of Final Cut Pro and Premiere.

Note: After you have exported the recording, you will need to close the current window by choosing File > Close, and then choose File > New for every recording session (recording take) you need. In Audacity you can’t record multiple takes/tracks into one window. The correct workflow is to record a take, save (export) the file, and then navigate to File > New for every new recording desired.

As a reminder, you can import audio files into Final Cut Pro X by going to the File menu and choosing File > Import > Media, and into Premiere by choosing File > Import.

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