Tascam DR-40 Audio Recorder

The Tascam DR-40 is a small, (3.5” x 6.1” x 1.4”) lightweight (7.5oz) Digital Audio Recorder capable of recording 4 channels of audio simultaneously. This feature allows you to use the recorders built-in microphones as well as external microphones plugged into the XLR inputs at the same time. Another useful feature of the DR-40 is that it can record a duplicate “safety track” 12dB lower than the primary track. This can save you if the level of your primary track is too loud. The built-in cardioid mics swivel in a manner that allows you to vary the polar pattern. Phantom power can be sent to an external condenser microphone. The DR-40 will record wav and Mp3 files to SD cards. These files can be exported via USB port to a computer. The DR-40 is mountable on a stand or tripod.

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