Sound Design 702 Portable Digital Audio Recorder (***)

The Sound Devices 702 Portable Digital Audio Recorder is a 2 channel file-based digital audio recorder. It’s powerful yet lightweight making it perfect for field recordings. The 702 reads and writes uncompressed PCM Audio at 16 or 24 bit rate at up to 192KHz (24 bit recording provides greater dynamic range and additional headroom for signal peaks relative to 16 bit recordings.) The 702 records to the Broadcast Wave file format as well as Mp3, FLAC and WAV. The 702 inputs support both analog and digital (AES3) in puts and outputs. The 702 has all the features you would expect. Phantom Power, Mic Input limiters, Line Out Clipping levels, Firewire and a very bright LED screen that is easy to read even in sunlight. Mic and line frequency response is 10Hz to 40/Khz. Multiple recorders can be linked together using the Clink protocol. The 702 packs a lot into a small package and is a very capable recording unit.

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