Using XLD to Convert Audio to 48kHz

When video editing it is best practice to normalize all audio files to have a sample rate of 48kHz because that is the standard audio sample rate for video files. If you mix 48kHz audio files from video with 44.1kHz files (the standard for music/CD’s/MP3’s) it can potentially cause major problems. Using the program XLD to convert audio files prior to importing your audio sources into your project can easily solve this problem.

XLD is already installed and configured correctly on our F&DM editing stations. If you are using our computers you can skip to step 6. However, if you wish to install and configure XLD on your personal Apple computer, please follow all the steps below:

Step 1) Download the latest version of XLD at the XLD webpage below. Scroll down to “Download” and choose the file that ends with .dmg at the top (do not download the “source code” version.

Step 2) Drag and drop (move) the application into your computer’s Application folder. After this, add the application to the Dock on the computer as you would any application.

Step 3) Open XLD and go to the menu XLD -> Preferences:
xld - preferences

Step 4) Under the General tab, choose AIFF as the output format, make sure the output director is set to “Same as input”, and then click on “Options”:
XLD - preferences for AIFF

Step 5) In the options dialog, change your AIFF settings to match the following exactly. When finished click OK and then close the preferences window:
xld - change frequency

Step 6) Now you can simply drag and drop your 44.1kHz audio files onto the XLD app icon in the Dock. The program will automatically normalize them to 48kHz and re-save them in the lossless AIFF format (.aiff files). The new files will be saved to the same folder which the file came from. After conversion is complete, import the new AIFF files into your editing software of choice.
xld - conversion window