Adobe Creative Cloud Temporary “At-Home” Access – Spring 2020

As a result of UCSC moving to remote instruction for Spring 2020, The Film department’s computer labs and editing suites are officially closed until further notice.

Adobe is providing temporary at-home access for impacted students and instructors, so you can continue course work remotely.

This provides access to the desktop apps only. This does not provide any license for cloud based or file sync services. This means any product that relies on the cloud services to function will be limited.

The Film and Digital Media department IT staff administer this access and will enable it for all:

  • Students “officially” enrolled in the following film department digital media courses:
    • FILM 177, 197
  • Students “officially” enrolled in the following film department production courses:
    • FILM 151, 170B-01, 170B-02, 172, 196A, 196C
  • Film graduate students

An email from the Film and Digital Media department IT staff will be sent to to students once they have been granted access.

Temporary “at-home” access is currently available through July 6, 2020 ONLY.

Once access is granted, please follow the instructions below to enable access to the Creative Cloud Desktop Apps on your personal computer/device:

Visit and click on:
“Continue with Google”

Login with your CruzID and Gold password.

Note: Adobe may identify your login with an existing “Adobe ID” and ask you to link the two accounts. It is safe to accept this request and should not disrupt access if you have a personal subscription.


If prompted, select Company or School Account and login with your CruzID and Gold password.


Click Apps on the top of the page to view all apps.

From the Creative Cloud website, browse for and download your desired app.

For more information on how to download or install apps, please visit:


If you are experiencing a problem specific to installation, download of applications, or other issues with software running on properly on your computer, please contact Adobe support at: