UC Copyright Website – Copyright Policies listed under “UC Resources” Menu and then “UC Policies”.

UC Electronic Communications Policy

Copyright Law Archived at Stanford

10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained

Documentary Filmmakers’ Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use

Apple ProRes White Papers – Technical information Apple publishes regarding the ProRes family of codecs. – A site containing very useful information on Final Cut Pro and other video resources.

VideoRevealed YouTube Channel – A YouTube channel covering many post production topics that are very helpful and informative.

Video Copilot Tutorials – Free tutorials for learning video compositing techniques and Adobe After Effects.

Adobe Premiere Official Tutorials – Freely available tutorials provided by Adobe for Premiere Pro. Many of the tutorial videos also have downloadable practice media.

Davinci Resolve Official Tutorials – Freely available tutorials provided by Blackmagic for Davinci Resolve. The tutorial files are downloadable.

Premium Beat Blog – A popular video professional blog with many useful resources and articles for production and post production.

Dafont – Archive of freely downloadable fonts.

Mobygratis – Sound resources available from the music artist Moby for independent and non-profit filmmakers/film students, who need audio/music for non-profit video work. – A site loaded with information for student film and video makers.

SF Casting – San Francisco Casting Resource.