Editing Software Versions

Version(s) of Video Production/Editing Software installed on F&DM edit stations:


Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 Release (13.1.4) (All Editing Stations)

This is not the most recent version. This version is backwards compatible with release 13.1.5, but is not backwards compatible with the most recent version: Adobe Premiere 2020 (14.0.2).

Students who plan to work on Film and Digital Media department computers as well as personal computers must use either version CC 2019 13.1.4 or version CC 2019 13.1.5. There are instructions on installing previous versions (rather than the latest version) available on Adobe’s website here: https://helpx.adobe.com/download-install/using/install-previous-version.html

Please note that any project files created in earlier versions (e.g. 2017 or 2018) will need to be upgraded in our version the first time they are opened. Similarly, projects created in our installed version, CC 2019 13.1.4, are not backwards compatible with older versions.

For further information on Adobe Premiere Pro version backwards compatibility and support please view Understanding Adobe Premiere Pro Software Versions.

Students needing Adobe Premiere on their personal stations should purchase the latest version through Adobe’s Education pricing here:

Final Cut Pro X 10.4.6 (Comm 11 Lab, Studio A, and Studio D)

This version is not the latest version available from Apple. The latest version is 10.4.8. Please note that projects created in different versions of Final Cut Pro X may have backwards compatibility problems. It is recommended that students run the same version of Final Cut Pro X on their personal computers that is installed on Film and Digital Media department computers.

Students may purchase Final Cut Pro X directly through Apple’s “App Store” for use on their personal computer. The “Pro Apps Bundle for Education” is the best option for students desiring to own this application. This includes all five of the Apple Pro Apps for $199, whereas Final Cut Pro X by itself is normally $299.

Students are discouraged from making the investment of Final Cut Pro X (or Davinci Resolve “Studio” version) instead of Adobe Creative Cloud because Adobe Premiere is considered our primary software editing platform.

Please note that Final Cut Pro 7 was “discontinued” by Apple on June 22nd, 2011 with the release of Final Cut Pro X, and is no longer available in our facility.

Davinci Resolve 16.0 (Free version on most stations; Studio version on Comm 203 and 204)

This version is not the latest version available from Blackmagic. The latest version is DaVinci Resolve 16.1.2. The installer for this latest version is available for free from Blackmagic’s website. If you would like to install Davinci Resolve on your personal Mac/Apple computer and also use Film & Digital Media stations, please reach out to us by emailing fdmoperations@ucsc.edu for the 16.0 version installer to ensure backwards compatibility of your projects.

Davinci Resolve is installed as a convenience and creative option for students who desire to use the BRAW format on new Blackmagic Design cameras as well as advanced color grading.

Last Updated: Winter 2020